Hobo Labs

Hobo Labs

Our Values

Founded by successful entrepreneurs who created Rotten Tomatoes and Lithium, we believe in bringing the guild-mechanics that we love from PC games to the mobile platform.

We want to make innovative games that we would want to play ourselves.

And we believe the best games are the ones you can play with friends, so we are baking social into the core of what we do.


Lyle Fong Chief Hobo

Lyle Fong Having previously founded Lithium (community software) and Gamers.com, Lyle is a serial entrepreneur who has played video games for as long as he remembers.

Patrick Lee Hobo Scientist

Patrick Lee Patrick co-founded Rotten Tomatoes and AliveNotDead, but his claim to fame is his ability to babble on indefinitely about Puzzle and Dragons. Patrick and Lyle got their entrepreneurial roots by starting a computer reselling company together in college.

Adam Traver Founding Engineer

Adam Traver Adam was a lead engineer at Lithium, responsible for both internal and external applications. You can usually find Adam bullying his co-workers at ping pong, or talking endlessly about anything and everything.

Rob Weinberg Founding Engineer

Rob Weinberg Rob was a lead engineer at several gaming studios, including Wormhole Games, Breaktime, and EA. He’s probably the only one in the team who knows anything about making games, but we try not to remind him of this as his head is already too big.

Nikita Orlov Artist/Animator

Nikita Orlov Nik cut his teeth as a concept/UI artist and animator in Russia working on titles including Lost Magic and Zomb Raider before moving to the US. Now a Bay Area resident, we're happy to have him on board handling many aspects of our art needs, from concept, to UI, to animation. He keeps telling us he wants to show us how Russians drink vodka but... we're a tad scared, to be honest.

Janet Kim Art Director

Janet Kim Janet comes to us from GREE, having gained extensive experience as an artist on a variety of mobile titles. Previously, she's worked with Nickelodeon, Image Comics, and a little-known animation company out of Burbank, Disney. We hear they're swell. If you love comics, be sure to check out hers, The Inheritors.